Sunset Cruise

Among other spectacular experiences, the Maldives is known for breathtaking sunsets and what better way to savour these than on a scenic cruise around the Indian Ocean?

Indulge in moments of serenity as you cruise on a local Dhoni through the waters surrounding Male’ City, catching uninhibited views of the sun setting into the ocean with your loved one for a romantic evening or with your family, a fantastic opportunity to take photographs and maybe (not guaranteed) spot playful dolphins along the way.

As the ideal oceanic escape, the sunset cruise excursion allows you to take in each moment spent exploring the sea. For you and your loved ones, this is the perfect way to bond over light-hearted conversations, excellent service and remarkable views.

Let Champa Central Hotel arrange a sunset cruise for you to enjoy during your stay, adding an unforgettable experience to your memories of the Maldives.

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