Finger Food

Accentuate your wedding in the Maldives with an affordable package, perfect for a light dining experience during your event at Champa Central Hotel. The Gulchampa Finger Food package provides 4 uniquely crafted menu options that include beverages, light meals and short eats, as well as desserts and Areca nuts.

Menu 1: Enjoy a combination of tuna sandwiches, kulhi boakiba, chicken nuggets and tuna pizza, as well as chocolate doughnuts, Swiss rolls and cream puffs for dessert with the Gulchampa Finger Food Menu 1. The menu also offers a 30% discount on the newlywed’s room at the hotel.

Menu 2: If you relish favourites such as chicken sandwiches, potato Kiev’s, chicken pizza, along with dhandi aluvi boakiba, strawberry cake and chocolate fudge as treats, then the Gulchampa Finger Food Menu 2 is the ideal choice. Includes 50% discount on the newlywed’s room at the hotel.

Menu 3: From egg and cheese sandwiches, noodles boakiba, chicken spring rolls, BBQ chicken wings, fish cutlets and bajiya to fruit muffins and geru kiru boakiba, the Gulchampa Finger Food Menu 3 is designed to please varying tastes. Newlyweds on this menu receive a complimentary room at the hotel.

Menu 4: The Gulchampa Finger Food Menu 4 features kulhimas sandwich patties, tuna pizza, tomato and cheese sandwiches, sausage pieces, fried chicken, bajiya and rihaakuru boakibaa, as well as marble cake, gulab jamun and chocolate Danish for dessert. The newlywed couple receives complimentary room and in-room breakfast at the hotel.


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