Top 5 Best Weddings at Champa Central Hotel

Champa Central Hotel, in the heart of Male’ City, is a popular location for banquets, events and weddings. Featuring 3 spacious venues and wedding packages the Hotel provides exquisite catering service, venue rental, as well as table and chair arrangement. 


Guests and clients choose a venue and package that is ideal for their fairytale ceremony. Here is a list of our TOP 5 best weddings so far:


Number 5: Asuwadh and Adhuma

Between the ample venue spacing of the 1stFloor Farivalhu Restaurant and the elegantly rustic décor by Ikebana Wedding & Events, Asuwadh and Adhuma’s wedding ceremony was an unforgettable occasion. The indoor venue provided enough room to fulfill the creative requirements of this wonderful theme.


 Asuwadh and Adhuma. Photography by Jerry Ash-haadh.

Asuwadh and Adhuma. Photography by Jerry Ash-haadh.


Number 4: Thoha and Nuha

Thoha and Nuha’swedding was a stunning indoor occasion on our 1stFloor Farivalhu Restaurantand Banquet space. MarryMe by White Roomtransformed the venue into a soft floral wonderland, from peach colored centerpieces to cream flower lanterns and the main attraction, the beautifully decorated floral seat for the newlyweds.


 Thoha and Nuha. Photography by White Room

Thoha and Nuha. Photography by White Room


Number 3: Hasun and Nidha

Spring was the theme at Hasun and Nidha’s indoor wedding with a captivating arrangement of flowers, centerpieces and bridal party wear, down to the bride’s floral headpiece and the bridesmaids matching floral skirts. The deep, blossoming décor by Ikebana Wedding & Events transformed our 1stFloor venue intoa dream wedding.


 Hasun and Nidha's Bridal Party. Photography by Raw’s Photo.

Hasun and Nidha's Bridal Party. Photography by Raw’s Photo.


Number 2: Fareesh and Hasna

The colorful lanterns contrasting the elegant, cream backdrop turned our 1stFloor venue into a fantasy wedding. MarryMe by White Room ensured that the setting presented the combination of sheer class and wonder as the colors come together harmoniously. Certainly a beautiful evening for Fareesh and Hasna.


  Fareesh and Hasna.  Photography by White Room / Nasru Garu

Fareesh and Hasna. Photography by White Room / Nasru Garu


Number 1: Mustho and Naha

Mustho and Nasha’s wedding on our Rooftop is counted as one of the best so far. The Restaurant provided the scenic environment, while MarryMe by White Room gave the event grandiose landscaping, including the leafy centerpiece with cascading fresh, white flowers to resemble a chandelier.


  Mustho and Naha.  Photography by White Roo

Mustho and Naha. Photography by White Roo

Planning your dream wedding? Choose Champa Central Hotel as your perfect venue.