Start your diving adventure with Dive Club Maldives

Start your diving adventure with Dive Club Maldives

Unique coral reefs, warm turquoise waters filled with an abundant marine life and biodiversity make the Maldives one of the TOP locations for diving and snorkeling.


Start your diving adventure with Champa Central Hotel, in Male City and Dive Club Maldives in Hulhumale’ to explore the famous marine life of the Indian Ocean.


Guests can book their diving excursion packages while at the Hotel for added convenience and our teams will manage your bookings to ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience.


The Dive Club Maldives Excursion Packages include:

·      Snorkeling Trip From Dive Boat - US$40 per person

·      Snorkeling Adventure

·      Night Snorkeling

·      Fluo Night Snorkeling

·      Snorkeling with Sting Rays

·      Sandbank Trip & Snorkeling

·      Dolphin Sunset Cruise

·      Snorkeling, Dolphin Watching, Fishing & Barbecue

·      Dolphin Watching, Fishing & Barbecue

·      Night Fishing & Grill

·      Island Hopping, Dolphin Watching, Fishing & Barbecue


For diving enthusiasts, The Dive Club Maldives also offers the following:

Try SCUBA - If you have not tried SCUBA diving before, and if you want to learn important skills and techniques to get you ready for your underwater adventures.

Become a certified Diver – A variety of PADI courses to prepare you for open water diving, different diving conditions, and including the certification and materials.

PADI Specialties include: Fish Identification, Drift Diving, Enriched Diving, Night Diving & Digital Underwater Photography.


For more information and to book your diving package, call 3317766 or visit the Champa Central Hotel Reception Desk.