Champa Central Hotel celebrates 2 years since rebranding

Champa Central Hotel celebrates 2 years since rebranding

On April 15, 2016, Champa Central Hotel was unveiled with a new look and modern feeling. Previously known as Central Hotel, Champa Central now celebrates 2 years since the rebrand and the doors opened to guests, travel agencies and media alike.


To celebrate this Anniversary, we take a look at the history of Champa Central Hotel – the improvements, highlights and defining moments of the past 2 years.


New & Modern Rooms

Central Hotel first opened in 1998 with only 41 rooms, and since the refurbishing Champa Central Hotel now offers 71 modern Rooms in 3 different categories. 

The Superior Rooms have been renovated for simplicity and comfort, located on the 2nd and 8th floors of the original building. The Deluxe & Executive Rooms offer a new look and feel, along with spacious accommodation, located from the 3rd to the 9th floor in the new building. 


Revamped Dining & Corporate Venues

The Roof Top, Ala and Farivalhu Restaurants have also been revamped to suit the new and modern feel of Champa Central Hotel, along with the latest fixtures and equipment for the main kitchen.

In the last two years, the Hotel has hosted numerous business functions and special events, from magical Weddings and Theme Nights with a 360-degree view of Male’ City, to partnering with major corporate events in the Maldives. 



Subtle touches and improvements

Apart from the newly added Fitness Center, Champa Central Hotel also unveiled a new signature spot that offers a lively welcome for guests and clients. The waterfall features vibrant LED, to promote the feeling of nature and serenity.

Other subtle touches include the Bookshelf displayed at the Reception area, which was extended with the development of the new building, as well as artwork and décor around the Hotel corridors.



Service-oriented Staff

On May 18, 2017, Champa Central Hotel welcomed a new General Manager, Sumith Kumarasinghe, who’s main aim was to make the Hotel stand out as a local brand and one of the top City Hotels in Male’, Maldives. 

In line with this aim, many guests have noted and applauded the excellent service and hospitality offered, from arrival to departure. Long-time repeaters such as Mr. Wafir and wife have stayed at the Hotel 16 times, all with positive feedback, friendly interactions with staff and always with a big smile.



Leading Resort & Hotel group in the Maldives, Crown & Champa Resorts acquired Champa Central Hotel in 2012, where developments began to ensure that the Hotel exceeds all expectations as a City Hotel, and a growing local brand. 


A very happy Anniversary to Champa Central Hotel!

Here is to many more highlights in the years to come.