Much more than a city hotel…

Much more than a city hotel… 

Champa Central Hotel is more than just a City Hotel in the Maldives. Apart from the affordable rates, comfortable accommodation and convenient location, you can also enjoy a complete local experience of Male City, Maldives like no other.


Renowned for one of the best, 360° panoramic views of the entire city on the Roof Top Restaurant, Champa Central Hotel provides you with the option to explore the city at your own pace. Customize your excursions to include sightseeing tours of the local markets.


Fun Fact: The Fish & Produce Markets are the main hubs of trade in Male’ City and a hive of activity throughout the day.


Another popular option is the day-trip to Meeru Island Resort & Spa in the North Male Atoll. What better way to take a much-needed break from city life than with a trip to one of the top rated family Resorts in the Maldives?


Fun Fact: Meeru Island also features a Museum, exhibiting the history of the Maldives in the form of artifacts from centuries ago.


Explore the underwater world that the Maldives is famous for, without getting wet. Champa Central Hotel offers a Submarine Excursion aboard an air-conditioned submarine that comfortably accommodates 50 persons, with 24 large view ports.


Fun Fact: You can expect to see Butterflyfish, Barracudas, Moray Eels, Angelfish, Clownfish and Sea Turtles.


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